A poem from my ‘Mythologising Evil’ collection.

He’s come for me, so
I peel back the mesh of
their faces
bone white as jesters —

Writing degrees often appear on the ‘most pointless degrees’ lists. Drop-down menus don’t even recognise them as subjects. But are they really that useless?

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‘You have a degree in… Creative Writing? How will that help you here?’

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Can anyone say with certainty that they recall the day they woke up with acne? I can’t. The last time I had clear skin I was a child, and that’s according to photographs. I don’t remember what it’s like to feel smoothness when I touch my face. My fingers always brush over some kind of bump, scar or scab, and I can’t remember the last time they didn’t.

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‘I want to die,’ is a statement that so often reverberates round the headspace of those co-existing with mental illness. It’s all-consuming; there’s no room to expand the sentence or to flesh it out with context. It just is, and that’s that.

I’ve lost days, even weeks, to daydreaming, but I can’t stop getting lost in my thoughts.

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Where am I? The BAFTAs, maybe. Or would it be the Emmys? It doesn’t matter; I shouldn’t focus on the event too much. I’ve won something, and that’s what counts. I’m not sure what to say though. I have this public persona that is shrouded in this eloquent enigma; part poetry, half art. So I sway past a hoard of celebrities who applaud me with such enthusiasm I can’t help but feel flattered. And when at last I make it to the stage, I kiss the cheek of Keanu Reeves (why is he presenting this award?) and delicately clear my…

Seeing 2020

What better excuse than the start of a new decade to realise one of the most rewarding resolutions of all?

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It’s not like you need a specific reason to start writing, but it certainly helps. As we usher in the start of not just a new year, but a whole new decade, moments of reflection are perfectly natural at this sentimental time. It’s also a period of looking to the future, setting goals, and working on self-betterment. What better time to start working towards what you’ve been putting off for ‘the right moment’?

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Addiction was something I noticed in other people, but never in myself. I was quick to dismiss what I did as mere youthful experimentation, some ‘coming of age’ ritual. Everyone does it, right? I wasn’t like the rotten-toothed crack addicts who’d shout each other down in the middle of the city. I wasn’t like the pale-faced, hollow-eyed people on the FRANK adverts. I wasn’t even like my friends, whose addictions I was always keen to point out and offer agony aunt assistance for. There was always someone worse than me, but of course, there was always someone better.

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Pixie-pop princess turned anime villain Grimes announced her third LP last month; ‘an evil album about how great climate change is.’ The title is a wordplay of ‘misanthrope’ and ‘Anthropocene’, a scientific term that refers to the geological epoch we’re currently living in. Meshed together, they coronate the deity of global warming; Miss Anthropocene.

Technology grants us access to people whenever we need them, but 24/7 availability isn’t always a good thing.

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I’m the worst possible person when it comes to texting/messaging/WhatsApping/Snapchatting back. It’s not deliberate; I’m naturally lazy and, without meaning to exude pretentiousness, prefer in person or phone-call conversations. Communication is a beautiful expressive medium that allows us to extract similarities/differences from other people’s subconscious, helping us to expand our worldly knowledge and share our humanity. However, talking to people consumes a significant amount of energy, and I feel a lot of us often forget that.

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The situation surrounding my virginity losing was bizarre and somewhat blurred. I’d met this boy on Tumblr, then arranged to meet him in London. He called beforehand to ask if I was a virgin and if I wanted to have sex. I nodded meekly down the phone. It was scary yet exciting. I, the lanky acne-ridden teen so often ridiculed for my angsty attention-seeking, had arranged to have sex with an eighteen-year-old who lived in the city.


Writer. Forever student. Currently studying PGCE English at the University of Oxford. https://instagram.com/greta.docx

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